Cut To Length
Roll Forming Machine
Tube Mill Line


Our factory established in 2008 by one of our company founder Mr. Xu, who was as leader of china roll forming technology research team in SINOMRCH more than 10 years.  Since 2008, we started design , engineering and manufacturing of all kinds of roll forming lines, including many difficult lines at same level of world advance technology. At the same time, we also design and produce cut to length line, slitting line and tube mills on the high level quality in china. 

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    RCL 16*2000 Slitting Production Line


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    cnc tube mill line sent to Egypt


    This tube mill line was placed by our new customer in Egypt in January 2022.This welding pipeline equipment is very large, and many manufacturers have not made this equipment. Constantly and repeatedly confirming customers with customers. In constant contact with our technical staff. In the end t...

  • Mid-Autumn Festival Holiday Notice

    Mid-Autumn Festival Holiday Notice


    We will be closed from September 10, 2022 to September 13, 2022 Wishing you a happy Mid-Autumn Festival, the people with the full moon will be full of happiness and everything will be successful. Raise your glass to the sky and wish: the people with the full moon will have good flowers, good care...

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